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Corporate and economic criminal law

Sometimes known as White-Collar crime, it deals with all kinds of criminal offenses related to the economy and businesses and becomes more important nowadays with the introduction of corporate criminal liability and the need to implement criminal compliance programs. The offenses related to economic activity may be unlawful appropiation, punishable insolvency, corporate crime, unfair corporate government, industrial espionage, IP crimes, tax fraud, environmental crime and urban crimes, bribery and corruption, money laundering, etc.

Computer crime (cybercrime)

Today’s society is facing a new criminality that seeks the destruction or interference of computer systems, or simply uses new technology to commit the crime. Our firm is highly specialized in legal councelling and defense in cases of computer crime, both traditional crimes carried out through computers and networks (libel, threats or fraud), or new crimes such as hacking, theft of personal data to commit a fraud (phishing, pharming), computer damages (DoS attacks , defacement), cybersquatting, cyberbullying, sexting, child grooming, etc.

Corporate Criminal Compliance

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Crimes against persons

Crimes that endanger life (murder or manslaughter), injuries, threats, coerción and extortion, rape and sexual abuse, offenses against the honor, assault, medical malpractice, mobbing, etc.

Domestic violence

The increase of judicial processes of domestic violence has led our firm to develope an extensive experience in defending those accused of these crimes and the defense of victims before the special jurisdiction of the Court of Violence against Women.

Crimes against property

Our firm councels and defends in cases of theft, fraud, unlawful appropiation and document forgery committed by individuals or against them.

Criminal law (other offences)

Our firm has also participated in the defense of many cases of injuries caused by work accidents and related to lack of safety in the workplace. The risks inherent in economic activities can lead to injuries, illness or death as a result of accidents that occur in the development of these activities, including in particular those accidents related to construction sites in real estate promotion and to activities that involve pollutant industry or machinery.

The defense of crimes against public health concerns both drug smuggling and trafficking of toxics and enviroment poisoning or adulteration of products.

Within the catalog of offenses against traffic safety, it is also necessary an specialized criminal defense in cases of DWI or DUI, reckless driving, speeding, lack of driving license, etc.

Special criminal proceedings

Our firm has experience in criminal defense in special procedures, such as juvenile criminal law, trial by jury or before the special jurisdiction of the Audiencia Nacional “National Audience Court” (extradition proceedings or European Arrest Warrant – EAW).


About me

Andreu Van Den Eynde

Working for 18 years in defense and specialized advice in criminal matters, practicing law before the Spanish courts in defending the interests of my clients in all types of conflicts.


Passeig de Gràcia St. #12-14, 4th floor 2nd door
08007 Barcelona (Spain)

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