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DNA testing (interview on local TV)

17 April 2014

Following the news of the investigation in La Rochelle (France) to discover a sex offender, I participated in the sofa debate of 8aldia TV program (8tv catalan local channel, in catalan language) led by famous anchorman Josep Cuní, reviewing DNA evidence in criminal investigations. It also emerged during the debate the discussion about dress code… [[:ca]Llegir més[:es]Leer más[:en]Read more]

The destruction of privacy

17 November 2013

We have to accept that probably someone is ​​spying us. And not only someone is controlling the data we publish on the Internet (our intimacy that we disclose more or less knowing that “what is uploaded cannot be de-uploaded”), but even our private or secret communications (PRISM). The retention of Internet data traffic (eg data from our… [[:ca]Llegir més[:es]Leer más[:en]Read more]


About me

Andreu Van Den Eynde

Working for 18 years in defense and specialized advice in criminal matters, practicing law before the Spanish courts in defending the interests of my clients in all types of conflicts.


Passeig de Gràcia St. #12-14, 4th floor 2nd door
08007 Barcelona (Spain)

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